Joulietta Sorbets

Joulietta Sorbets

Sorbets are a new and inspirational addition to the Joulietta range and are a perfect treat in the heat of a Cyprus summer. Many years ago when I was just ten years old, I visited Cyprus with my family and, on one particularly hot summer day, I was treated to a rose and lemon sorbet. The experience changed me from an ice cream lover to a child, and now adult, who is hooked on sorbet.

What I remember most was the intensity of flavour; the combination of the sharp lemon and the scented rose, and how refreshingly moreish it was despite the simplicity of its ingredients: water, sugar and fruit.

To me, the very word ‘sorbet’ conjures up the image of a light, refreshing and flavourful luxury. Simple, yet at the same time decadent, sorbets deliver ultimate pleasure in the world of cuisine.

Taking this philosophy as the foundation of my sorbets, I have created three contrastingly delicious sorbets using different types of chocolate: bittersweet dark chocolate, silky milk chocolate and creamy white chocolate.


Dairy free, the essence of a classic sorbet, my dark chocolate sorbet uses pure spring water and the finest Ecuadorian dark chocolate with up to 70% cocoa content. Maintaining the simple and natural theme, I use local honey to add a smooth, delicate sweetness, yet one which brings an intensity to the dark chocolate flavour. The finished product, made simply of three ingredients, is intense in flavour yet delightfully refreshing.

Smooth and silky, my milk chocolate sorbet is not a true sorbet as the chocolate contains milk. No extra milk or cream is added though so it remains refreshing and light, bringing back memories of childhood with its sweet caramel undertones.

Fans of plain vanilla ice cream are sure to be converted after trying my white chocolate sorbet. Totally decadent, rich and creamy, courtesy of the high percentage of cocoa butter, the sorbet is infused with Madagascan vanilla bean creating a luxurious combination with an intense vanilla taste experience.


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