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How to Taste Chocolate

How to Taste


Learn how to taste and develop your palate so you can evaluate the quality of chocolate. Once this skill is mastered you can create an amazing experience each time you put a piece of quality chocolate in your mouth. Before we get into the actual technique, it’s important to have words to describe the sensations and experiences we will have. (See Glossary for an explanation of terms)

Browse this list of terms and then follow the 4 step process:

More detail

  • Fruity: sour cherry | berry | citrus | tart | earthy | winey | plum
  • Herbaceous: cut grass | woodsy
  • Dairy: caramelized | cooked milk | sweet cream | fresh milk
  • Off Odours: mouldy | musty | smoky | acidy | excessive bitterness | astringency | absorption of other flavours from poor storage conditions

Tip: To neutralise any flavours already in your mouth, use a wedge of green apple or an unsalted cracker and a sip of water.